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Being Ellington Ellis, – “Entrepreneurial Kingdom Building” 1-23-2016

Ellington Ellis – Entrepreneurs Group Talk –

Pentecostals of Kentwood

January 23, 2016

Entrepreneurs are Undertakers!

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Being Ellington Ellis, – “Entrepreneurial Kingdom Building” 11-21-15

Being Ellington Ellis, – “Entrepreneurial Kingdom Building”


Ellington Ellis – Entrepreneurs Group Talk –

Pentecostals of Kentwood

November 21, 2015


We can use biblical principles for successful business, because God’s principles apply to our whole life.

Ephesians 4:11 – Apostles – Owner/Visionary

Prophets – Numbers – they see where we are, what the opportunities are

Evangelists – Marketing

Pastors – Manager

Teachers – Trainer/Employee

Know who you are, and bring in people who you are not. If I try to operate in an area I’m not called to, I’m going to mess it up. Success is what makes you happy, gives you joy, and help fulfill what you want to do.

Whenever you do anything, go to the elementary principle of it. Everything is built from elementary blocks. Genesis is the first block. The ”Principle of Everything” will be found in the basics. Businesses fail because elementary principles aren’t being followed.

Throw the big books away, and buy the “Dummies” books. It will cut through to the chase, and give you the foundation you need to carry the rest of the vision.

Read Simon Sinek’s book “Why?”

The “Limbic brain” is the feeling, or “sense” side of the brain. Trust that.

At Chase Bank, I was the highest producing sales person. The reason I was so successful is that people could feel my passion.

Comparative Effort (phrase Ellington coined) – Should you do MLM, or should you chase another business model to accomplish the same thing? Is the juice worth the squeeze? Is the view worth the climb?

“Utility” = Happiness

Comparative Utility – What gives you the most happiness?

Warren Buffett saves Billions of dollars. He’s a pathological hoarder. His utility is saving money. He’s sad when he spends. I get utility by giving and helping.

What are you pathological about? What flows out of your essence? That’s what you should be involved in. Be in the business of your essence.

Get behind other people’s passion. Only focus on the passion.

Haywood/Hancock Partners vision is to help Oneness and Apostolic groups. We are starting a fund for clean technology. This is to help Oneness people. It’s time we invest in each other’s business.

TAC – Think, Act, and Communicate as one – Get in on one accord, and help each other to succeed.

In order to have high probability of success, 1. Start business where your essence is 2. Be part of the group you’re a part of (be present and involved).

People don’t buy what and how you do it, they buy WHY you do it.

Martin Luther King’s followers followed because of the why.

What flips up on your lid? Apple? Apostolic? Oneness?

Money follows innovation.

Kingdom Initiatives

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At Haywood Hancock Partners​ we maintain a global perspective that comes from global exposure. Our goal is to grow the revenues of our Haywood Hancock business clients, by amassing targeted loyal customers through our proprietary “Oneness Marketing System”

Are you seeking funding for Kingdom Initiatives?  Let us help you! Ellington Ellis​

Bio: Haywood Hancock Partners (HNH)
We create wealth and grow the revenues of Haywood Hancock business clients by amassing targeted loyal sustainable customers. Our passion is to grow economic development among the NAME community.

HNH was started by Ellington L. Ellis, the great grandson of both Bishop G.T. Haywood and S.N. Hancock. Both men, were founders and leaders of great religious and businesses organizations in America. These men had great vision of economic success for its members. Ellington and Partners have received this mantle of wealth creation.

Utilizing our proprietary “Wealth Generation and Marketing System” our purpose is to carry on the great work of Haywood and Hancock by creating economic wealth among “THE PEOPLE of THE NAME.”

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