A Wise Man and a Basketball – A Tribute

Harry, Nevil Shed, Billy Jo Hill


Young Harry team photo


Harry and wife at the White House with President George and Laura Bush


Harry Flournroy, Jr., a man of great royalty. Far above his physical stature, he stood tall. A man above other men. All who encountered him were engulfed in his greatness. Great, not because of his basketball prowess, not because he is a Naismith Basketball Hall of Famer, but great for who he was as a person. A great husband, father, friend and mentor. He made a difference in community and the world.

I remember first meeting him. I stood in awe. I stared at him as if I were in a world-famous museum. Admiring not only what he accomplished on the basketball court, but in admiration of the class and royal spirit that emanated from him. As I stood in the crowd admiring, I was pleasantly surprise and struck when this giant of a man walk up to me and said, “friend. He began to converse with me, as if I had known him for years. So easy to talk to, he was. Offering me, unsolicited, life advice, “Life is what you make it, he said to me.” Not knowing his words meant a lot to me, or maybe he did, I often thought.

Harry passed away today, November 26, 2016. We will miss him, the world will miss him, but the great thing, we will see him again.

Harry remember you are my friend, save me a spot at court side.

A short Bio of his greatness:

“Born in 1943, Harry Flournoy, Jr. was a former American college basketball player, originally from Gary, Indiana where he graduated from Emerson High in 1962. He played college basketball for Texas Western College, later called the University of Texas at El Paso, or UTEP; he made history when his team won an NCAA Division I National Championship with the first ever all African-American starting lineup under Hall of Fame coach Don Haskins in 1966.” It is considered by many the game that changed America. “He only played for six minutes in the championship game before twisting his knee, but following the victory he was on the cover of Sports Illustrated rebounding a ball over Pat Riley.

After his career at Texas Western, Flournoy became a teacher and basketball coach at an elementary school in El Paso, TX. Harry has 6 children; 1 daughter from his first marriage, and 3 daughters and 2 sons from his second marriage; and no children from his 3rd (current) marriage. Harry and his current wife reside in McDonough, GA, a suburb of Atlanta.

In the 2006 film Glory Road about the 1966 Championship team, Flournoy was portrayed by Mehcad Brooks.”

Along with the 1966 Texas Western College team, Harry was inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame.

Flournoy, Harry, Jr. (n.d.). In Wikipedia. Retrieved November 26, 2016.



Panera Bread Epiphany

One by one they begin to surround my table; I am quickly glancing around looking for a different spot within the coffee shop. Within five minutes the final person arrived to the group’s table. The early Saturday morning conversation of five men began. “How is that new gun you bought” one fella barks to another. “Oh my”, was my thought. Pointing to a building about 150 yards away, “I can pin down a deer from here to that corner,” the man replied proudly. One of the men, seemingly knew of every gun range in the area, while yet another of them had his bible out as if he was prepping for Sunday School class in the morning. “Bible and guns,” I thought. “Gotta blow those leaves from the yard” said another. No, I am screaming inside my environmental conscious head, enough already!

Another asked about the Detroit Tigers upcoming playoff game. “Go get em” came a reply.” Another man asked, “How bout those Lions” and the conversation turn, pessimistically hopeful. “Gotta tell you,” the older of the group said, “last week those lions did figure out how to close a game” looking sheepishly for support that never came. Well, said one man trying to break the silence, “Did Caledonia win, did Lowell win? referring to two of the local high school teams. At this juncture the conversation took a noticeable upbeat tone. I imagined that the thought of grand kids and alma maters brought warmth to this group. “No, they lost” was the comment regarding another high school team. “Those Darn country boys are hard to beat,” came another reply. At this point I knew I was getting a real close up on middle America, in some circles referred to as hicks, hillbillies, redneck Americans. It was as if I were watching reality TV, live and in person. Is there a hidden camera I asked myself in jest.

Furthermore, in listening to some of the language of these men, I was moved to disgust. I questioned to myself, what kind of group is this.

Near the end of the gathering the conversation made an unexpected pivot. One man began to talk of lying on the cold ground quietly as footsteps were all around his head. One man stated that the termites began to eat at his face as he felt the cold ground, but dare not move, or else be discovered by the enemy. Another mentioned hearing gunshots from every direction as he laid frozen in fear and in survival mode. Another talked of pulling a wounded comrade from the line of fire…silence came..”Damn Cambodian country “ he uttered ever so lightly. Immediately, I began to take note of not only their words, but their faces began to speak to me. I noticed wrinkled, harden, determined, kick butt tenacity on each of their faces. “Wow, I am audibly saying as the tears appear. I am in the presence of WAR HEROES. My thoughts quickly moved from what kind of group is this to how privileged I am to be in their presence. No, not hicks , no, not hillbillies, no, not rednecks, no, not fly over country citizens, no, no, no. These are great men you see, they fought for ME!






Make America Great Again…

…The Problem I have with “Make America Great Again” My family and some others pictured here just got the right to vote 60 years earlier. America is great!

My Uncle Elder Collins, My Great Grandfather Bishop Haywood, My other Great-grandfather Bishop Hancock, and my namesake Bishop Ellington Forbes, loving history more today!

~Ellington L. Ellis~





Kingdom Initiatives – Changing the World!  

Community Policing. Changing mindsets is necessary. Where is the faith community on this?

~Ellington L. Ellis~

Kingdom Initiatives – Clear Vision Films

Clear Vision Films

We are an award winning team. We will develop award winning films for the Oneness Movement.

Join the Team!

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Kingdom Initiatives – Black History Month – Diversity and Inclusion

Black History Month

2-22-16 (4) 2-22-16 (1) 2-22-16 (2) 2-22-16 (3)
Oneness Pentecostals are committed to Diversity and Inclusion
~David K. Bernard ~


This article is adapted from David K. Bernard, The Apostolic Church in the Twenty-first Century (Hazelwood: Word Aflame Press, 2014), 71-76.

Kingdom Initiatives – Reaching the outer limits…Oneness.

We are ALL ONE!

Arturo Martinez

February 21 at 2:01pm ·

UPC Philippine Islands Gen. Conference Sunday Crusade attended by about 40 thousand. About 5,000 got the Baptism of the Holy Ghost at Marikina Sports Center. Glory to God


Being Ellington L. Ellis – “Tools are extensions, tools = technology”

Tools are extensions (technology) to assist us in completing tasks. Any action you perform is an extension to your physical being. Everything you’ve obtained came from external resources.

 Everything you need is within your grasp!


Entrepreneurs did you miss the Group Talk for Entrepreneurs on January 23, 2016 and November 21, 2015? It’s worth a look-see!


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Kingdom Initiatives – Haywood Hancock Partners

Are you following us?  Haywood Hanock Partners


AIM Members Aim High. I am Annointed in markets.
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Kingdom Initiatives – Black History Month – Racial Harmony

At the turn of the 20th century, long before the civil rights movement of the 60’s, it was placed in the hearts of these great men the spirit of Oneness. As a result, today, being led by the United Pentecostal Church (UPCI), and the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World (PAW) the Oneness Pentecostal movement stands alone in its unprecedented commitment to racial harmony within religious and faith institutions of the world.


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