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Renewable Energy Projects, Still Rolling in Michigan

Ellington Haywood Ellis, Huffington Post Contributor

Renewable energy storage and repurposed lithium batteries are at it again; this time in Holland, Michigan. Late last year, after launching the nation’s first ever solar energy storage powered theatre luxury seating in a Port Huron, Michigan movie complex, Global Battery Solutions, the Holland based battery repurposing developers, will again participate in reducing carbon emissions while at the same time escalating energy efficiencies in Michigan.

The proposed movie theatre for downtown Holland will be the second “Sperry’s Moviehouse” in the state. Chuck Reid, the renewable energy conscious developer, will again bring energy efficiency to a Michigan project. Global Battery Solutions will utilize the zero gravity First Class Seating theatre recliners by installing solar panels on the roof that will generate electricity. The energy generated will be stored in Global Battery Solutions remanufactured and repurposed Toyota Prius batteries.

Read the full article by Sydney Smith below:

A recently proposed movie theatre for downtown Holland will be the second “Sperry’s Moviehouse” in the state.

On July 5, Geenen DeKock Properties alongside Charter House Innovations announced plans for another new development on West Eighth Street, this one including a boutique movie theatre. The first Sperry’s Moviehouse opened in December 2016 in Port Huron.

The $8 million, two-story, 40,000 square foot space falls in line with GDK and the city’s vision to connect downtown Holland with the farmers market, Civic Center and waterfront. It will be built between River and Pine avenues.

Chelsea Hemmes, marketing coordinator for CityFlatsHotel, which has the same owner as Charter House, said the main reason downtown Holland was picked was the busy location.

“It’s right where everything is happening and the fact that the city is moving west to the water puts us in a very prime spot,” she said in an email.

According to Charter House, the theatre will occupy the entire second floor of the building and the remaining square footage will be used for other retail and dining space. Two screens will be at street level, with eight more on the second floor.

The second level of the theatre will feature a lounge/bar area and restaurant. Food and drinks are permitted in the theatre.

The Holland location will also utilize 100 percent solar energy in its theatre recliners by recapturing solar energy in repurposed automotive battery cells.

In Port Huron, the $10 million first Sperry’s Moviehouse has taken market lead in the east Michigan city, according to Charter House. The project took about two years to complete.

The name “Sperry” is rooted in Port Huron history; J.B. Sperry purchased a former hardware store in the city in 1893, then later moved into what is currently the first moviehouse. The 1939 building formerly housed a department store.

Hemmes said the building in Holland will have the same name as a continuation of the Sperry’s Moviehouse brand.

The announcement of the moviehouse comes just after GDK was approved to construct a 380-space, multi-level parking deck on Ninth Street. Construction will begin in January, concluding in June 2018.

If approved by the city, GDK is hoping to begin on the theatre later this year or early 2018, opening some time in spring 2019.

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When Flint Strikes America Ignites.

flint riverflint strikeflint knife

What does poverty, labor laws, drinking water and Isis have in common?

Flint, Michigan.

The year is 1937 and the City of Flint ignited union strikes that revolutionize labor laws in America. The year is now 2017 and Flint ignited the drinking water epidemic that  altered America’s thinking about its “safe” drinking water.

Yesterday, in this year of 2017, like flint chemistry, Flint once again burst onto the scene to inflame and high-light what is wrong with America and the world. An Isis sympathizer stabbed repeatedly a police officer at the Flint, Bishop international airport. The problem is not London knives or American guns, it is the greed of the powerful and the wealthy.

Flint is teaching us that when you perpetuate the poverty of others for your own selfish benefit it will always come back to strike you like a flint.



A Message to a White Supremacist

steve bannon and book
(Photo by Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

A white gunman sought to massacre white American Congressmen. Two black Americans gunned him down. The mad gunman shoots and sorely wounds a white Congressman who speaks proudly at your backward meetings. We are all Americans. Black and White. Steve Bannon, I hope a baseball field teaches you the stupidity of your philosophy. #ivote5votes

The Parallel Process ~ The “Fatted Calf” didn’t get fat yesterday.

fatted calf father and son

Subject: The Parallel Process.

Sub Topic: “The Party Calf”

Thematic Posture: The trouble that you are experiencing is not trouble at all, but it is God’s way of working a work. The fatted calf didn’t get fat yesterday. You are in God’s parallel process.

I. Luke 15:11–32. “The Prodigal Son”
II. Romans 8:28 “The God Principle
III. Genesis 42: “Jacob’s Joseph.

Summary: God is fattening a calf just for you. The thing that appears to be working against you is working for you all at the same time.

A Message for Leaders to utilize. Not Copy-written; it is for you, the leader, to take, expand and make it your own.


Detroit ~ Beyond the Myth of White Leadership


Detroit great

BEYOND THE MYTH OF WHITE LEADERSHIP, is knowledge. Knowledge is central to destroying stupid stereotypes. Detroit does not need a savior to make it great again. Detroit is great. Detroit is still the “Joe Louis ‘Barrow‘ Brown Bomber” City.  What Detroit needs is a level “Boxing Ring.”
~A must read:

Detroit’s Downfall: Beyond the Myth of Black Misleadership
How federal policy and Big Auto drove black blight and white flight.

A Thought Leader Takes the Helm at Ford

jim hacket
Photo: AP/Associated Press

Autonomous Cars, Effortless Ownership, Luxury of Time, Chauffeur Service, Value of Time, these are all things valued by Ford and its leadership, appeared to have run out of time for shareholders and Ford’s board members.

Detroit’s own, Ford Motor Company, today made a shift in leadership. Mark Fields the CEO since 2014 is being replaced by board member and officer Jim Hackett.

Mark Fields is a good leader, and one who did a good job of managing leaders in the company, but failed to better quantify the revenue and growth potential of Ford’s investments in new technologies, as a part of its broader plan; autonomous cars, car sharing and chauffeur service, etc. One area of weakness, or strength, depending upon one’s perspective, is the diversification of Ford beyond its core business. It is argued by many business experts that the further a company gets beyond its core business, the smaller its profit margins become. Be that as it may, apparently, the real reason for Mark’s dismissal was the declining stock price over his tenure, and not because of the true value of Ford itself. There is truth to the old adage, “perception is reality.”

Jim Hackett, an officer of the company, and head of its Smart Mobility Innovation Unit, since 2016, will be the new incoming CEO. Hackett will have to effectively manage not only the value and vision, that Mark Field has built over the past 3 years, but he will have to navigate Wall Street’s perception of that vision itself. Hackett may do good to look at the lesson from Tesla Automotive. Tesla, a company that has less company value and sells only a minuet fraction of vehicles as Ford, but yet, Tesla’s Market capitalization is leading the American auto industry. “Tesla’s market cap is more about belief, not evidence, it is about faith, not things seen,” as stated by Cory Johnson of Bloomberg news. Faith preaching to wall street analyst and the media may be beneficial to Hackett if he is to maintain at the helm. I suspect, based upon my knowledge of Jim Hackett, he will be that much needed evangelist.

Peter Diamanidis and Steve Kotler asked the question, in their book, Abundance “The future is better than you Think,” and what will make human thrives in the future? I contend it is leaders like Jim Hackett that will help lead the way. I first met Jim Hackett at a social meeting when he was still the CEO of Steelcase Furniture. I had the opportunity to have an extensive conversation with him about football, life and the future of world. He impressed me as one that had not only the business acumen, and people talent, beyond most, but he impressed me as one of the deep social thinkers of our day. Jim is one of those leaders that you rarely see or come across, and when you do, you treasure it. I think Ford sees what we, who knew him, see; Greatness.

I see Jim as the one who will lead Ford and the Auto Industry to higher heights. Farewell to Mark Fields, we appreciate and honor what he has done for Ford and Detroit during his tenure. Detroit and the world welcomes the Jim Hackett era at Ford with great expectation and anticipation.

Trump’s Hypocritical Speech


Saudi President
Last year, the Isis-style Salafism “Sunni” Saudi leadership cut the head off from the body of Saudi Shia Leader Sheikh Nimr al-NimrSaudi, because they did not like his speech on equality for all people. This killing would be equal to the American Government cutting off the head of Dr Marin Luther King Jr., for speaking on the behalf of poor people. The Saudi’s are complicit, if not leading managers of terrorist activity in the middle east. It is well known that the Saudi Government is the Arsonist and the Fireman, when it comes to terrorism.
Consider this, not one Shia Muslim leader was represented at the fake Arab NATO, where Trump spoke. Where were the Shia nations and representatives of the largely Shia Muslims? Iran, Iraq, Azerbaijan, and Bahrain, and yes, Lebanon. You can’t adhoc Sunni Muslims together and leave out Shias, and then bad mouth the Shias in their absence. This is exactly what Trump did in his speech.
Trump was the Bull in a ‘Middle East’ Shop. Never let a written speech numb you to reality. Any person with eyes and a voice can sound presidential. Never be sidetracked by the low bar of sounding and looking presidential, but listen diligently listen to what is being said.
Trump’s speech in Saudi Arabia was belied by his thematic posture and rhetoric, castigating Shia Muslims before an all Sunni Muslims Adhoc Council. “Drive Them Out, Drive Them Out” It means one thing to one, the same thing something else to another. The Shia nations, heard it as a call to continue wars between the Sunnis and the Shias. It is what you call foolish talk. Tough talk takes us nowhere. Just be Tough. A lesson Trump should have learned from his predecessor. It is idiotic to read a sensible speech and destroy it with sprinkles of stupidity.
Having a Eurocentric ideological bent leads to cultural blindness, and the inability to choose your words carefully. You can’t cast Sunni against Shiite and expect to have a good outcome. Being ignorant of geopolitical issues, and having no desire to learn, will always lead to chaos.

Who to believe? Trump or FBI Director, James Comey. “Lord of the Lies”


comey with white house


“What the College taught me was to think well and try to understand other points of view,” Comey said. “It really lit a fire in me to do something to help other people.”

Trump tells one story, FBI Director James Comey tells another, concerning their private dinner at the White House.

James Comey was a Religion and Chemistry major. Comey, a true Christian, can quote II Corinthians, while Trump, a fake Christian, can quote 2 Corinthians, beautifully.

The Flat Hat reports on James Comey’s college days. Unlike Trump’s college days of lies and failing grades.

“It housed 17 male students in there with no RA,” Comey said. “It was a little bit like Lord of the Flies…

Read the full story here:

During his sophomore year at the College of William and Mary, FBI Director James Comey ’82 encountered a flyer that changed his entire academic trajectory.

“I was walking to a chemistry lab and there was a bulletin board,” Comey said. “I saw the word ‘death’ in big letters on the board. It was an advertisement for a course called Death.”

The class was in the religion department and taught by religion professor emeritus Hans Tiefel. At the time, Comey was a chemistry major. However, he said that the course’s description intrigued him. He decided to fill a hole in his schedule with Death.
By senior year, Comey was a double major in religion and chemistry, writing a senior thesis on theologian Reinhold Niebuhr and televangelist Jerry Falwell and on his way to the University of Chicago Law School. He credits his religion major with forcing him to be open-minded, understand various sides of an argument and focus on language.

“What the College taught me was to think well and try to understand other points of view,” Comey said. “It really lit a fire in me to do something to help other people.”

Comey first arrived at the College determined to follow a premed track. He grew up in Allendale, NJ and applied to the College after hearing about it from a family friend who played basketball for the Tribe.
“I applied to a bunch of schools and it was the best one that accepted me,” Comey said. “Harvard, Princeton, Amherst blew me off and William and Mary accepted me. I visited and I loved the place.”

Comey’s freshman dorm was the now-closed Tyler Annex.
“It housed 17 male students in there with no RA,” Comey said. “It was a little bit like Lord of the Flies. No adult supervision. Seventeen of us crammed in. We had four guys living in the lounge. It was a freak show.” Later on, he would live in the Bryan Complex. At the time, it also housed the Law School Library, which became his favorite study spot on campus.
“It was an awesome place to study because most of the undergrads were afraid to go there,” Comey said. “It was a bit like a hamster cage — sections connected by hallways down underneath the building. I used to love to go there.”
Much of his time was spent in the library studying for chemistry classes. Comey said he appreciated the analytical thinking, discipline and scholastic rigor he learned from his science courses. Nonetheless, he noted that completing his chemistry major was “agony.”

In the second semester of his senior year, he enrolled in an advanced biochemistry course at 8 a.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in order to complete his major requirements. At that point, Comey had already been accepted into law school.

A front-page story Comey wrote for The Flat Hat. / FLAT HAT ARCHIVES
“The only reason I didn’t fail that class was the guy in the top bunk in my triple in Bryan actually wanted to be a chemist,” Comey said. “He is a chemist today, in Canada. He would get up every morning, slide his legs over, actually grab me physically and say, ‘Come on, we have to go.’ So that’s how I ended up going to class at 8 am.”

Comey said that he once played a prank on his punctual roommate involving stationary from the Dean of Discipline’s office and accusations regarding a lamp that had been smashed outside the Campus Center.
“He was very much a straight arrow,” Comey said. “I aspired to be, I suppose. I am the Director of the FBI.”

When not studying for class, Comey participated in intramural basketball, football and ultimate Frisbee, volunteered at a nursing home on Monticello Road, and wrote for The Flat Hat. “I started writing for The Flat Hat as a freshman,” Comey said. “My first hugely important article was about parking for football games. It was silly, but I was very excited about it. I did news until I was a junior and then junior [year] started writing a column, the name of which I can’t remember. There was a columnist for The New York Times called Russell Baker who wrote humorous takes on serious events. So I tried to be funny and a social commentator. At least I thought I was.”

He met his wife Patrice at the College, after she nominated him to run for the presidency of the Bryan Complex dorm council. Comey said that the details of their first encounter are still subject to controversy. “She remembers meeting me as a freshman at a daiquiri party in the previously mentioned Lord of the Flies-esque Tyler Annex,” Comey said. “I don’t recall meeting her there.”
He had a better recollection of their subsequent interaction at a meeting designed to solicit candidates to run for office.
“She leaned over to someone I played basketball with at the gym and said, ‘Who’s that guy?’ and pointed at me,” Comey said. “I didn’t hear her, but she nominated me to run for president of the dorm council. We didn’t speak then, but I saw her at a dorm party a short time later. A mutual friend introduced us and we sat together on a couch. She let me talk about myself for three hours. Naturally, I walked away deeply in love with her, because she let me talk about myself, a habit which she has since fixed.”
Running unopposed, Comey won the Bryan Council election. He started dating Patrice a short time afterwards.
“She let me talk about myself for three hours. Naturally, I walked away deeply in love with her, because she let me talk about myself, a habit which she has since fixed.”
“That’s probably my last experience with elected politics and will be for my entire life,” Comey said. “The best part was meeting and falling in love with my wife… I grew a lot as a person … I was a bit of a jerk when I met her. I joke that we changed each other. She made me a nicer person; I made her a meaner person.”

Professor David Holmes knew Comey well as a student and taught both Patrice and their oldest daughter Maurene Comey ’10. Comey signed up for two of his courses senior year, but Holmes was invited to serve as a visiting professor elsewhere. Comey still took a class on significant books in western religion and bonded with Holmes’s substitute, the late visiting professor John Woolverton.

“As a student, Jim was highly informed, genuine, and superbly prepared for class,” Holmes said in an email. “Faculty who taught him believed that he could have excelled at any college in the land. In the area of religion, he was especially interested in the writings of Reinhold Niebuhr, an American Protestant theologian especially noted for his concern for social justice. He reached the finals for the Rhodes Scholarship as a senior.”

Since his days at the College, Comey served as the United States Deputy Attorney General during President George W. Bush’s administration. He is currently the seventh director of the FBI.

“Jim Comey belongs to the great tradition of William and Mary alumni who serve as leaders of our nation,” College President Taylor Reveley said in an email. “He has made his alma mater enormously proud.”
Tiefel emphasized Comey’s continuing connection with the College.

“I think that students might like to know that Mr. Comey has been a generous supporter of the ethics program in the Religious Studies Department,” Tiefel said in an email. “Without his generosity, the Department might not have been able to offer a range of ethics courses. That points outside his years as student. But surely his commitments after college illumine who he was and is.” Comey advised current students to keep an open mind about the courses they take.

“Sample widely. You’ll never get a chance to taste so many academic dishes,” Comey said. “Try to become a quality thinker … Life is a series of narrowing experiences, so you want to start as broad as you possibly can, before the funnel starts to narrow on you.”

Written by Áine Cain
November 17, 2014
8:47 PM


The White House Held Hostage

white house at night

Barnum & Bailey has come to Washington. The White House is being held captive by a circus clown. One hundred days have passed and TRUMP IS STILL A CARNIVAL BARKER. Ninety days of carnival barking promises, not kept:

No Wall being built and Mexico is not paying for it
No Repealing of NAFTA
No China Designation as a currency manipulator
No Repealing of Obamacare
No Muslim Ban instituted
No Draining of the Swamp
No Winning so much that we are tired of it

The Truth being, these were lies as they left his lips. Very few people, Republicans and Democrats alike, believed any of it, as he barked them. What we all wanted was change, not idiocy. “Elect a clown, expect a circus” Sadly, America is now being viewed as the circus clowns of the world.

Help Free the White House by supporting I Vote 5 Votes.


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