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Partner: Ellington Lloyd Ellis – Business Coach

Managing Director of Haywood Hancock Partners (HHP). We grow the revenues of our Haywood Hancock business clients, by amassing targeted loyal customers through our proprietary “Oneness Marketing System.” Ellington is also a managing partner of Global Battery Solutions, a global renewable energy company, in partnership with Grand Valley State University’s Seymour Padnos School of Computing and Engineering. Mr. Ellis is a global business and funding development leader, who specializes in structuring financing for technology, life sciences and the energy sectors.

Mr. Ellis has more than 20 years of experience in private placement consultation, equity and debt funding for medium to large businesses, buy sell agreement structuring, mergers and acquisitions, exit planning, IPO structuring and planning, company search and evaluation design, and contract reviews. He was Vice President of Investments for JP Morgan Chase; focusing on bonds and equity investments and portfolio management. In the developing and less developed market contexts, he has a wealth of experience in evaluating infrastructure projects that offers safe, profitable returns to stakeholders, evaluating emerging markets business, political, financial, industry and sector risks, and mitigating against such risk. He has successfully partnered with emerging markets in the Caribbean Islands and Africa. Ellington is an alumni of Butler University in Economics & Political Science. He serves on the board of Mosaic Venture Capital Group, Sybesma Electronics, Global Battery Solutions, Xenergy Holdings, and Okapi Global Partners.

Administration – Mary L. Thul 

CTP-Treasury Analyst for Deluxe Corporation is responsible for $800 MM debt, investments, $210 MM swaps, cash forecasting and budgeting, cash operations including developing and implementing cash process improvements or new sales initiatives, cash management and banking services at Deluxe Corporation. She played a key role in closing a $200 MM credit facility in March 2010.

ECM Commitment

As a small independent financial advisory boutique, ECM believes that by matching dedication to service with an equal commitment to innovation; this has made Ellington Capital Management unique among our peers. Ellington Capital Management is at the fore-front of leaders in regards to business capital.

We believe that the essence of competent advice lies in a combination of trust, professionalism, shared vision and execution. Our aim is to establish close and long-term relationships. When you engage Ellington Capital Management you will receive experience and highly skilled professionals who will serve as your single point of contact. We will take the time to understand your present and future needs, and be responsible for ensuring that all matters are carried out efficiently, confidentially, and to your complete satisfaction. 

Our financial advisory services are built around comprehensive financial analysis, regional knowledge and industry expertise embracing the specified markets and its fundamentals that adhere to the credit and funding requirements.


While most financial advisers do good work, others produce indifferent advice of limited usefulness in the form of reports and research at a high cost. ECM’s differentiates itself in this area because of its orientation towards closing transactions versus solely written report advice. More importantly, ECM is further motivated by the resulting success factors that include success fees and tombstones versus billable hours. ECM’s specialized advice and reduced cost structure enables it to be less risk adverse particularly on long-term projects and thinly capitalized transactions.

We recognized that accounting in the Caribbean, China and West Africa remains opaque; and the concepts of corporate governance are hazy; and identifying disciplined management makes it almost impossible to value these companies on conventional measures of earnings, cash flow or dividend yield. ECM utilizes its technical expertise experience and relationships to help both the issuer and investment community in addressing these concerns. 

ECM prides itself in the cash flow modeling and credit analysis of a transaction that fits into comprehensive and sound financing structure. We believe that a simple plan of finance coupled with a well-defined execution strategy is critical to the success of a transaction. Over the years, ECM has built both common and complex financial models for almost every area in the energy and infrastructure sector. We combine these analytics with our understanding of the credit risk factors for energy and infrastructure along with the sovereign credit considerations for the Caribbean, China and West Africa. We believe that this tripartite of knowledge is a part of what separates our capabilities from the rest.

Product Expertise

Within the corporate finance arena, energy (utilities and petroleum) and technology has been our primary focus. Based on the need for capital in the Caribbean, China and West Africa and a limited number of qualified investors; ECM elected to focus on energy and transportation. We have found that throughout the Caribbean and West Africa, where there is a lack of deep  equity capital market; constrained commercial bank lending market; and limited to no internationally recognized credit rating letter designations; that energy and transportation projects are deemed the most feasible and if structured properly are the most bankable.

ECM has advised from all sides of the investment perspective by representing Government’s, government agencies, institutional investors, commercial banks, corporations and project sponsors. This experience has allowed ECM to properly express to interested parties the realities of a project or transaction with an emphasis on what is financially acceptable which has enabled ECM to navigate to either a successful closing or a no-go decision. 

Since most projects in the energy and technology sector have long lead times, ECM has developed the patience to see projects to the finish as opposed to having to meet the upcoming quarter’s deal quota. This is evidenced though our long-term relationships with clients.

Markets Served

In addition to USA domestic market assignments, we have intentionally targeted China, the Caribbean and West Africa as geographical areas of work preference.

ECM has and continues to create and share Caribbean, China and West Africa opportunities with global investors while delivering debt and equity capital to the Caribbean and West African sovereign governments and corporations.

Our main corporate goal is two-fold. One element is to put together well-constructed deals that accelerate our client’s earnings growth and increase returns to its stakeholders and simultaneously protect the investor’s return by ensuring that a required rate of return on equity capital is met

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