Kingdom Initiatives “Decrease ALWAYS brings increase!”

Universal Principle: Decrease ALWAYS brings Increase.

“I must decrease that he may increase.” John’s Jesus brings Haywood’s Urshan


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“Pentecostalism is the fastest-growing segment of Christendom.” ~The Economist, January 2016 Issue.

Charismatic Christianity thrives among people on the move

All Lives MATTER! AstroTurf versus Grass Roots…Value begins within…

Value begins from within, and permeates outward. Never the other way around. A level playing field enables competitiveness, but as Bishop G.T.Haywood stated, “Discrimination is weak against superior Determination.” Have you ever witnessed a beggar beg his way from underneath a bridge? I know, no analogy is perfect, but the SPIRIT of the M.L. King Movement is, “MY Life Matters” Words have spirit’s. I believe we must be careful not to be taken up with the wrong spirit in our efforts to bring about positive change. It is important to discern the people behind a movement and not just the movement. ~Ellington Haywood Ellis

All Lives MATTER! AstroTurf versus Grass Roots

ASTROTURF movements will brownout. GRASS ROOT movements live infinitely.

King was killed not because he sloganeered “Black Lives Matter” to the contrary, it was because he preached ALL LIVES MATTER. Many times it’s not what you say, it is HOW you say it. Divisive words serve no sustainable, and little functional purpose in society. The King movement never died, because it was never manufactured


Kingdom Initiatives – Oneness TV Channel Coming Soon!


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Ellington L. Ellis

Kingdom Initiatives

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We create wealth and grow the revenues of Haywood Hancock business clients by amassing targeted loyal sustainable customers. Our passion is to grow economic development among the NAME community.

HNH was started by Ellington L. Ellis, the great grandson of both Bishop G.T. Haywood and S.N. Hancock. Both men, were founders and leaders of great religious and businesses organizations in America. These men had great vision of economic success for its members. Ellington and Partners have received this mantle of wealth creation.

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