Religion – Privilege, Money and Politics

falwell wife trump
Mr Falwell and his wife posed with Mr Trump after he met with religious leaders a caption

In the picture above, can you see the Playboy Magazine positioned on the wall behind Sister Falwell’s head? It is quite revelatory.  The religious right and evangelicals have jumped into the bed with corruption and “moral sins” The very thing that evangelicals have been railing and preaching against for years have become of no consequence and has been supplanted by their greater need for privilege, money and power.

“Your politicians are predators feeding on the people for corrupt profit. Your preachers go along with these politicians, speaking lies as if God has given them a vision, when he has not. The privilege oppress the poor and needy. You mistreat the immigrants and deny them justice I looked for some one to stand up for the people and no one would stand.” ~ Your Bible – Ezekiel 22:27


Why is it that so many evangelicals are quiet about the injustices of being unleashed in our Nation? Why are white evangelicals choosing to pick a couple comfortable scriptures to absolved them of their chosen responsibility to stand for the poor, the needy and immigrants.

lady liberty sad.

“People of God,” you are not God’s people, if you choose not to speak up against wrong and corrupt politicians, in favor of privilege. You have no spiritual witness if you cannot speak up for the welfare of all the people. Choosing to preach Jesus and teach holy living rather than the values and teachings of Jesus true mission to the weak, vulnerable, poor and oppressed, you have “profane his holiness” and have rejected what Christianity really is: “Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from a corrupt system. Your – Bible – James 1:27

bible corruption

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Donald Trump will cause US power to collapse, says man who correctly predicted fall of USSR


Is it possible that America is on the verge of collapse. Many historians believe that America has reached critical mass. It is a historical fact, not many civilizations sustain beyond 200- 400 years; America is in the cusps of this time frame today.

Harriet Agerholm argues Trump is ushering in the inevitable.

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“On Many Sides” – Trump, Bannon, Miller and False Equivalency

steve bannon and book

The “On many sides” statement by Trump is indicative and envelopes the FALSE EQUIVALENCY stupidity propagated by Fox News, white supremacist and the so called alt-right.

A group of white supremacist, KKK, and Alt right protestors, many with military style hate helmets, entered the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia with hateful intentions. Motivated by a Trump administration and his white supremacist White House team, that includes, Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller. What is coming from this White House is not only a prejudicial strategy and planned policies; it is hatred.

It is no surprise, given Trump’s and Bannon’s hateful words and actions, that today a white supremacist terrorist plows a car into an innocent anti-hate crowd, in an act of vehicular homicide, killing one and injuring 35 others.

The White Supremacist President, Donald J. Trump, makes a subsequent statement saying, “I must study what happened. Trump went on to say in his statement, “violence on many sides, on so many sides, so many sides.”

What we have, Mr. Trump, is white supremacist on many sides of you. Your father, who attended and was arrested for participating in a KKK/White Supremacist meeting in New York was on the wrong side of history. Your hateful birther movement was on the wrong side of history and today’s violent is on the wrong side of history.

Yes, Trump, hatred is on many sides of you. it is “On many sides,” we see your racist spectrum spreading throughout America causing havoc. The people are against you. You will be stopped. Your policies will be stopped on every side. Your racist White House has gone too far on the wrong side.


Hillary a Preacher – Showing the Way

Hillary preach

Emma Green of the Atlantic Magazine revealed in her article, “Hillary Wants to Preach,” that Hillary has always longed to be an ordained Minister. “She thought “all the time” about becoming an ordained Methodist minister. The article states that she told Bill Shillady, her long-time pastor, and she asked him not to write about it, though: “It will make me seem much too pious.”

Hillary, in being a fighter for the downtrodden, the homeless, the children, the poor and the needy, little did she know she was already fulfilling her long desired to become a minister.

Hillary is a servant of God in the affairs of men and women. It is sad and disheartening to see my dear Christian brothers and sisters denigrate this beautiful soul while at the same time lifting up another person who is antithetical of a Christian.

We should all take time to honor Hillary’s work. Although, I too, have been critical of some of her decisions, I never doubted her passion and heart that she has for people and the needy.

Preaching from a pulpit, attending conventions and hiding behind stained glass windows is not the optimal way of ministering to people.

Men and brother, ladies and gentlemen, Hillary shows us the work of God is more than Sunday morning worship, it is more than praise and worship practice. Fighting for, scratching for, searching for the brokenhearted, depressed and oppressed, and strengthening lives is what God desires, nothing more, nothing less. All biblical doctrine leads you to helping others, doctrines and creeds is not fire insurance.

Yes, be like Hillary, and desire to do the hard-work. Leaders and strong people, forget not the weak in your time of strength. Meet people where they are, not where you are or where you want them to be. This is the true servants heart, and this is when God will truly be pleased with you.

Thank you Hillary for showing some of us the way to functional ministry.

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