Senator Jeff Flake, Republican Senator from Arizona, Faced the Nation today with his new book the “Conscience of a Conservative.” America has been asking the question what happen to the grand ole party of Lincoln. How did it come to be that the conservative movement let itself be hijacked by a reality show con artist, who had long been a democrat. Jeff answers these questions masterfully.

“The Conscience of a Conservative” – A rejection of destructive politics and a return to principle.

5 powerful sayings from the book:

“I regret having to write this book. I regret it because it’s necessity is a sign that the American conservative movement, which has been a force for great good to our country and to the world, is lost.”

“That conservatism has become compromised by other powerful forces-nationalism, populism, xenophobia, extreme partisanship, even celebrity – explains part of how we lost our way”

“In the election campaign of 2016, it was as if we no longer have the courage of our convictions and so chose to simply abandon conviction all together, taking up instead an unfamiliar banner and a new set of values that had never been our own. ”

“Politicians can be herdlike creatures, too often prone to taking the path of least resistance. I understand the impulse and have often sought that well – trodden path myself.”

“Conservatives can hold no one else responsible for this. It is a crisis of our own making.”

Excerpt from “conscience of a conservative” by Jeff Flake copyright 2017 by Jeff Blake – Random house

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