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Renewable energy storage and repurposed lithium batteries are at it again; this time in Holland, Michigan. Late last year, after launching the nation’s first ever solar energy storage powered theatre luxury seating in a Port Huron, Michigan movie complex, Global Battery Solutions, the Holland based battery repurposing developers, will again participate in reducing carbon emissions while at the same time escalating energy efficiencies in Michigan.

The proposed movie theatre for downtown Holland will be the second “Sperry’s Moviehouse” in the state. Chuck Reid, the renewable energy conscious developer, will again bring energy efficiency to a Michigan project. Global Battery Solutions will utilize the zero gravity First Class Seating theatre recliners by installing solar panels on the roof that will generate electricity. The energy generated will be stored in Global Battery Solutions remanufactured and repurposed Toyota Prius batteries.

Read the full article by Sydney Smith below:

A recently proposed movie theatre for downtown Holland will be the second “Sperry’s Moviehouse” in the state.

On July 5, Geenen DeKock Properties alongside Charter House Innovations announced plans for another new development on West Eighth Street, this one including a boutique movie theatre. The first Sperry’s Moviehouse opened in December 2016 in Port Huron.

The $8 million, two-story, 40,000 square foot space falls in line with GDK and the city’s vision to connect downtown Holland with the farmers market, Civic Center and waterfront. It will be built between River and Pine avenues.

Chelsea Hemmes, marketing coordinator for CityFlatsHotel, which has the same owner as Charter House, said the main reason downtown Holland was picked was the busy location.

“It’s right where everything is happening and the fact that the city is moving west to the water puts us in a very prime spot,” she said in an email.

According to Charter House, the theatre will occupy the entire second floor of the building and the remaining square footage will be used for other retail and dining space. Two screens will be at street level, with eight more on the second floor.

The second level of the theatre will feature a lounge/bar area and restaurant. Food and drinks are permitted in the theatre.

The Holland location will also utilize 100 percent solar energy in its theatre recliners by recapturing solar energy in repurposed automotive battery cells.

In Port Huron, the $10 million first Sperry’s Moviehouse has taken market lead in the east Michigan city, according to Charter House. The project took about two years to complete.

The name “Sperry” is rooted in Port Huron history; J.B. Sperry purchased a former hardware store in the city in 1893, then later moved into what is currently the first moviehouse. The 1939 building formerly housed a department store.

Hemmes said the building in Holland will have the same name as a continuation of the Sperry’s Moviehouse brand.

The announcement of the moviehouse comes just after GDK was approved to construct a 380-space, multi-level parking deck on Ninth Street. Construction will begin in January, concluding in June 2018.

If approved by the city, GDK is hoping to begin on the theatre later this year or early 2018, opening some time in spring 2019.

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