When Flint Strikes America Ignites.

flint riverflint strikeflint knife

What does poverty, labor laws, drinking water and Isis have in common?

Flint, Michigan.

The year is 1937 and the City of Flint ignited union strikes that revolutionize labor laws in America. The year is now 2017 and Flint ignited the drinking water epidemic that  altered America’s thinking about its “safe” drinking water.

Yesterday, in this year of 2017, like flint chemistry, Flint once again burst onto the scene to inflame and high-light what is wrong with America and the world. An Isis sympathizer stabbed repeatedly a police officer at the Flint, Bishop international airport. The problem is not London knives or American guns, it is the greed of the powerful and the wealthy.

Flint is teaching us that when you perpetuate the poverty of others for your own selfish benefit it will always come back to strike you like a flint.




A Message to a White Supremacist

steve bannon and book
(Photo by Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

A white gunman sought to massacre white American Congressmen. Two black Americans gunned him down. The mad gunman shoots and sorely wounds a white Congressman who speaks proudly at your backward meetings. We are all Americans. Black and White. Steve Bannon, I hope a baseball field teaches you the stupidity of your philosophy. #ivote5votes

The Parallel Process ~ The “Fatted Calf” didn’t get fat yesterday.

fatted calf father and son

Subject: The Parallel Process.

Sub Topic: “The Party Calf”

Thematic Posture: The trouble that you are experiencing is not trouble at all, but it is God’s way of working a work. The fatted calf didn’t get fat yesterday. You are in God’s parallel process.

I. Luke 15:11–32. “The Prodigal Son”
II. Romans 8:28 “The God Principle
III. Genesis 42: “Jacob’s Joseph.

Summary: God is fattening a calf just for you. The thing that appears to be working against you is working for you all at the same time.

A Message for Leaders to utilize. Not Copy-written; it is for you, the leader, to take, expand and make it your own.