Saudi President
Last year, the Isis-style Salafism “Sunni” Saudi leadership cut the head off from the body of Saudi Shia Leader Sheikh Nimr al-NimrSaudi, because they did not like his speech on equality for all people. This killing would be equal to the American Government cutting off the head of Dr Marin Luther King Jr., for speaking on the behalf of poor people. The Saudi’s are complicit, if not leading managers of terrorist activity in the middle east. It is well known that the Saudi Government is the Arsonist and the Fireman, when it comes to terrorism.
Consider this, not one Shia Muslim leader was represented at the fake Arab NATO, where Trump spoke. Where were the Shia nations and representatives of the largely Shia Muslims? Iran, Iraq, Azerbaijan, and Bahrain, and yes, Lebanon. You can’t adhoc Sunni Muslims together and leave out Shias, and then bad mouth the Shias in their absence. This is exactly what Trump did in his speech.
Trump was the Bull in a ‘Middle East’ Shop. Never let a written speech numb you to reality. Any person with eyes and a voice can sound presidential. Never be sidetracked by the low bar of sounding and looking presidential, but listen diligently listen to what is being said.
Trump’s speech in Saudi Arabia was belied by his thematic posture and rhetoric, castigating Shia Muslims before an all Sunni Muslims Adhoc Council. “Drive Them Out, Drive Them Out” It means one thing to one, the same thing something else to another. The Shia nations, heard it as a call to continue wars between the Sunnis and the Shias. It is what you call foolish talk. Tough talk takes us nowhere. Just be Tough. A lesson Trump should have learned from his predecessor. It is idiotic to read a sensible speech and destroy it with sprinkles of stupidity.
Having a Eurocentric ideological bent leads to cultural blindness, and the inability to choose your words carefully. You can’t cast Sunni against Shiite and expect to have a good outcome. Being ignorant of geopolitical issues, and having no desire to learn, will always lead to chaos.

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