white house at night

Barnum & Bailey has come to Washington. The White House is being held captive by a circus clown. One hundred days have passed and TRUMP IS STILL A CARNIVAL BARKER. Ninety days of carnival barking promises, not kept:

No Wall being built and Mexico is not paying for it
No Repealing of NAFTA
No China Designation as a currency manipulator
No Repealing of Obamacare
No Muslim Ban instituted
No Draining of the Swamp
No Winning so much that we are tired of it

The Truth being, these were lies as they left his lips. Very few people, Republicans and Democrats alike, believed any of it, as he barked them. What we all wanted was change, not idiocy. “Elect a clown, expect a circus” Sadly, America is now being viewed as the circus clowns of the world.

Help Free the White House by supporting I Vote 5 Votes.


trump jesus

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