steve bannon and book
Bishop Haywood Stood for Racial harmony. “Bishop Garfield Thomas Haywood’s “Living Without the Camp, writings” are a direct affront to Trump’s top advisor, Steve Bannon, and his worldview book, “The Camp of the Saints”

I am being accused, by some, of hate and stirring up hatred among the people. I have asked myself, why? Today America is being eaten away by the spirit of deception and ignorance. We should not be uneducated of these small foxes that are destroying the American vine. More than ever, we need to call a lie a lie, and shed the euphemism that serve as filters to truth.

It is ignorance at best, and evil intent at worst, to suggest that exposing wrongs of powerful people is stirring up hate, or somehow being Anti-God. Let me give you a practical example. Many physical houses in America are being eaten away by termites. However, to most it is not apparent..
The light didn’t cause the termites, or create the disturbance, it exposed it.
This is the issue with Trump Supporters, unbeknownst to them there are termites eating away at the structure, and when the light is disbursed on it, they accuse the light holders of causing the disturbance and stirring up hate. The house is being cankered by the spirit of racism and ignorance.


Haywood liberty cartoon

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