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Whenever you pervert truth and push against the development of the common people for the good of the rich and powerful, you are churning against the very principles that sustain life.

The ever apparent truth is the Republicans are on a downward trajectory and every fool-hearted move they make to maintain the power of the wealthy and powerful is accelerating the digging of their grave. The senate rules, that are being changed, will work in the Democrats favor in the future. The executive orders that are being signed by Donald Trump are acting as boomerangs being wound for self party destruction.

This Trump era is the last hurrah for the Republicans and the Alt-right. In the universe things do not become progressively conservative, they become progressively liberal. Every scientific principle, in theory and observable, teaches us this. The Christian bible further outlines this principle~Matthew 24. What is certain, Jesus was a progressive, and was a divine healer, healing all manner of disease and sicknesses. He practiced Obamacare on Steroids. In fact, he was healthcare himself, for all.

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