No More 1 PERSON 1 VOTE. I pledge to vote with 5 votes. I have no other choice.
I became passionate about creating the I VOTE 5 VOTES movement after observing Trumps America. The Alt-Right extremist are not only taking over America, but they have taken control of the White House. This extremely dangerous philosophy has now taken command of the Justice Department with the confirmation of Jeff Sessions at the helm.
Congress and legislative houses nationwide are now under Republican control. These legislative bodies, with the help of the koch brothers financial backing, have become ironclad channels for extreme policies against the people. Enacted discriminatory laws are turning America back to its most darkest period of racism, sexism and division.
I pledge to help end this travesty. If you feel as I do, we need you to pledge with us.
Join with millions of others wanting to stop the Alt – Right movement at the polling booths.
Here is our pledge to Stop the Alt-Right Radical Plan:
I VOTE 5 VOTES – The Power of 5
We are mobilizing millions of Like-minded America’s in pledging not only to vote in the 2018 and 2020 elections, but pledge and be accountable of getting 5 more people with me to the polls on election day. Here are the pledge steps:
1. Contact five (5) people and ask them to pledge with you to vote in both the 2018 and 2020 elections.
2. Be accountable to each other to go to the polls and vote on Election Day 2018 and 2020
3. Be accountable to each other to go to the polls for all State congressional Elections
4. For the seven days leading up to the 2018 and 2020 elections, call your five contacts and remind them of election day.
5. Call your five (5) on election morning and evening and remind them to get out and vote.
6. Do not go to sleep on election day until you have confirm that your five have voted.

Join millions of Americans signing the pledge to participate.
I pledge to write down the names of five (5) people to contact.
I pledge to Email, Facebook or Tweet to my five people and ask them to pledge.
I pledge to send this pledge form to my five people, so that they too can get their own five started.
Let’s turn this ship around by voting I VOTE 5 VOTES, we have no other choice. America, and the world is depending upon us.

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