This post centers on the folly of disrupting the will of the people. You may get by with it in any given election, but it is not sustainable. You can alter destiny, but you can never stop it. This is the fight that I have with Conservatism. Everything must change. Inherent in conservative ideology is conserve. Nothing is conserved, everything is changing. People are not human beings, we are human becomings; we are constantly changing, physically and mentally every millisecond. Conservatives, are fighting against destiny.

We can slow change down, I surmise, but we can never stop it. To believe we can stop progressives or progression is folly in itself. Again, things naturally move from order to chaos (Entropy) Conservatism is a struggle against entropy – degradation – Decomposition – degeneration – decline. Example: when the republicans held up Obama’s supreme court nominee for over a year, it was an attempt to alter progression – change – degeneration – progress. They did nothing more than alter, slowed down change. You cannot stop progressiveness, you can only slow it down. Altering progress always puts one on the wrong side of history. Republicans will live in a constant state of stress and turmoil until they understand this principle.

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