Japan fixes a massive sinkhole on a busy road in Fukuoka just a few days after it appeared.

According to astrophysics our sun will burn out in 3 billion years. When Helium can no longer expand against its Hydrogen antithesis the sun will succumb to gravity and eventually collapse as a “Black Hole.” Needless to say the earth shall be no more; “Time will be no more.” (KJV)

The path of America appears to be following the sun’s Trajectory, howbeit, on a much faster track. It seems to me, and perhaps any observer, that America is reaching a point of critical mass. Sinkhole deprivation is seemingly the order of the day. Our politics, economics and social constructs are collapsing like dominoes. But yet, we are foolish basking in the rhetoric of “American Exceptionalism.”

Japan fixes a massive sinkhole on a busy road in Fukuoka just a few days after it appeared, and then issues an apology to its citizens. It was well stated by Venkatraman Venkitachalam, “The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the problems.” America prides itself as an exceptional Country relative to every other Country, but yet it take us weeks to fix a pothole and months to repair a sinkhole.

America, we are not exceptional because we say we are, exceptionalism is in Deed not in Creed, in Action, not in Faction.

If we are to be great and defy critical mass or at least impede it, like Helium, we must expand our tent of diversity, and Like Hydrogen we must attract unity and bond with others as one.

Rothwell, James (2016, November 15) Retrieved from www.telegraph.co.uk


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