Angola coffee’s return

Angola has a rich and varied history, but none more famous than its heritage of coffee production. It was the long civil war of 1975 that brought a halt to coffee growing in the country. Thanks to a group of homegrown businesspeople, Angola coffee has made its triumphant return.

Angola coffee is known for its sweet smooth taste. The most amazing thing about the Angola coffee bean is that it is a robusta bean. The Robusta bean is typically known for its strong flavor and is often used as a filler, by major coffee producers, with Arabica beans. The grinding and mixing of the two beans gives a full sweet smooth flavor. However, for many, the Angola Robusta bean is full sweet and smooth tasting without any mixing. This is the reason, prior to the war, that the Angola bean was the most valuable coffee bean on the globe.

It should not be a surprise to any that the return of the Angola Coffee bean and its market is due to the Triases family. The Triases’s are the historical growers of the Angola Coffee bean.

According to BID international, a private and independent organization founded in 1984, whose primary activity is business communication orientated towards quality, excellence and innovation, the Family’s company, Triases Ltd. is has become one of the most successful coffee brands both in Angola and at an international level.

“Triases specializes in the growth of the angolan Robusta coffee bean variety. The Robusta variety – Coffea canephora – it’s the second most produced coffee bean amounting around 40% of the entire coffee bean production in the world. Its strong silky flavour is perfect for espresso coffee as well as a filler in many of the more elaborated coffee blends. And even when the Arabica coffee beans are widely considered to be superior both in taste and in the texture, the angolan Robusta has earned a reputation of being perhaps one of the best coffee beans in the world, rivaling with Colombian Arabica and Venezuelan own Robusta “Maracaibo” variety from the Caribbean.

This magnificent bean is strengthened in its quality by the commitment of the angolan farmers, who retain the traditional artisan way of cultivating the coffee, guaranteeing the purity of the seeds, the lack of toxic chemical components, and the excellence in flavor that provides the traditional sun roasting process. Café Cazengo’s coffee is organically grown close to river beds. The plants absorb the nutrients from nature & produce beautiful coffee cherries. Angola’s moderate climate, with an average of 20ºC (68ºF) all year round, helps produce the perfect coffee bean.”

Songola Coffee, LLC, a Triases USA marketing and strategic partner is launching a regional project to help introduce Angola coffee to segments of America.

Its been a long time coming but it is right on time.

D. Veg / Raul M. (2016) Retrieved from


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