Is it not true that by “Digging up Death, Van Jones walked the energy filled halls of his Ivy Leauge School and ascertained a wonderful education. Further, is it not true that by “Digging up Death” Van Jones is able to project his message to us, via fossil fuel powered energy. It would be much more impactful if Mr Jones would highlight these truths in his message espousing the virtures of renewable energy.
I hasten to add, that Mr Jones is correct in his analysis and rhetoric of the malaise of oil in our civilization. During the turn of the century I, too, wish that greed had not secured the better of our forefathers. Yes, we could have been a green clean civilization riding the flow of eletrons powered by the Sun, Wind and Water, if not for the outright corruption and sleight of hand of the powerful.
Whether or not one agrees with Van’s politics or delivery thereof, one should listen to his message for it can change, yea, even save a civilization from extinction.

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