A little known fact is that Liberia, Africa was founded by Freed American Slaves. James Monroe being the fifth president of the United States (1817-1825) was also the person for whom Monrovia, the capital city of Liberia, was named. It is important to note that President Monroe, a slave owner, supported the return of these freed blacks back to their place of origination; Africa. These early African American’s were delighted to return and became the first African American Global Entrepreneurs. One of the top gross domestic product for the young start-up Nation was rubber. These freed slaves cultivated rubber farms and then sold and exported it for the country’s early gross revenues. As it occurred so often in Africa, in came the extrapolators to rape and pillage the budding country. Robbing and stealing the rubber farms from the African people. The first to enter was Firestone Tire and Cooper Tires.

This is a part of my family’s story…”From the childen of Europeans and Africans were born ‘Mulatoos’, meaning half white and half black” I have lifted this as an excerpt from my book, ‘Haywood Beyond Comprehension.’ (December 2016) I have included pictorial information below.

Here again, some of my family members. Early leaders in Liberia, Africa.(1921-1973) Harvey Firestone Jr (no relation) (Firestone Tire) is at center right pic. James Cooper, I (Pictured; Cooper Tires). My uncle, James Cooper, married Bishop GT Haywood’s Grand daughter (Ida). William Clay Ford, Sr. (no relation) married Martha Firestone. Their son William Clay Ford, Jr is Chairman of Ford Motor Company. Iman Cooper pictured below (stranding next to Bill Clinton) is the Grand Daughter of James Cooper and Great Grand Daughter of G.T. Haywood.

Ellis, Ellington (October, 2016) Retrieved from ellingtonellis/facebook


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