What naturally occurs when you put four millennial’s together that, combined, have lived and traveled to 22 countries? “Magic Bus Ticketing” Well, its not magic, it’s genius, its a universal phenomena. When diversity reigns greatness rules. When youth are engaged in global efforts change for the better happens.

Indicative to this truth is the recent award of $1,000,000 in funding to Magic Bus Ticketing, an Earlham College technology start-up. From an applicant pool of 25,000 entrants, the $1 million Hultz prize was presented last month to the Magic Bus Ticketing founders by former President Bill Clinton in New York.

The company was launched by four college classmates. The co-founders, Iman Cooper, Sonia Kabra, Leslie Ossete and Wyclife Omondi, are from the U.S. India, Congo and Kenya respectfully. This team with its cultural diversity created an innovative technology system that will change the lives of millions across the globe. In short, the innovation is a proprietary application and system that brings transportation efficiencies to bus systems in developing countries.

Part of the group’s mission statement is, “We are driven by the belief that every person deserves access to economic opportunities.” According to the company’s website, Cooper calls winning the Hult Prize a “whirlwind” and very rewarding. She says moving forward, the team plans to move to Nairobi to officially launch Magic Bus and scale up operations. She says the ultimate goal is to be in 29 cities throughout Africa and reaching more than 24 million commuters by 2022.

A culturally diverse economy is a strong economy.

Please click on the video to hear in the words of Iman Cooper on the Magic Bus Ticketing system.

You can also learn more about the company by clicking here.


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