Ellington Ellis

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October 2015

Being Ellington Ellis – “Timing is everything…”

Cadence military timing is about call and response.  It is about beat and rhythm. BE PATIENT and get synchronized in your season. #Oneness


Cinevee Platform

Cinevee is a perfect partner for all kinds of content creators and distributors.

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We develop custom and turn-key solutions to meet the unique needs of your business, with CV FREE, CV PRO, CV ENTERPRISE, Festivee, and Audivee.

It is easy to see why broadcasters, artists, entertainers, educators, trainers, publishers, distributors, filmmakers, and festival and event directors around the world choose and trust Cinevee.

Being Ellington Ellis – “Logic versus Spirit, which is right?”

Logic will keepIMG_4002 you in a perpetual cycle. God’s mind and yours is not a good mix! Let His mind REIGN! Philippians 2:5

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