Kingdom Initiatives

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At Haywood Hancock Partners​ we maintain a global perspective that comes from global exposure. Our goal is to grow the revenues of our Haywood Hancock business clients, by amassing targeted loyal customers through our proprietary “Oneness Marketing System”

Are you seeking funding for Kingdom Initiatives?  Let us help you! Ellington Ellis​

Bio: Haywood Hancock Partners (HNH)
We create wealth and grow the revenues of Haywood Hancock business clients by amassing targeted loyal sustainable customers. Our passion is to grow economic development among the NAME community.

HNH was started by Ellington L. Ellis, the great grandson of both Bishop G.T. Haywood and S.N. Hancock. Both men, were founders and leaders of great religious and businesses organizations in America. These men had great vision of economic success for its members. Ellington and Partners have received this mantle of wealth creation.

Utilizing our proprietary “Wealth Generation and Marketing System” our purpose is to carry on the great work of Haywood and Hancock by creating economic wealth among “THE PEOPLE of THE NAME.”

~The Partners~