Ellington Ellis is a social entrepreneur writer. He is a proven visionary with exceptional entrepreneurial acumen and leadership abilities. He has been successful as well as unsuccessful at financial opportunities. His  ability to navigate the business world has netted him the title a Global Venture Strategist. He demonstrates excellence in growing senior executive leaders and marketing teams within organizations. He has over 20 years of leadership and management experience in Business Development, Mergers/Acquisitions/Joint Ventures, Entrepreneurship, Global Development Marketing/Sales, Strategic Business Planning, Product Launch/Market Development, Sales Plan Development & Implementation, Global contract negotiations, Operations Management, Organizational Development & Leadership, Lean Manufacturing, Training and Leadership Development, Metrics Driven Reporting & Accountability, Accounting and financial Management Investments, Banking Relationships, Asset Allocation, Bond Markets, Stock Markets and Investment Management.

Co-Founder/Partner – Global Battery Solutions 

Global Battery Solutions (GBS) develops high power inductive charging technologies for automotive and transportation industries. It develops wireless products for in-vehicle consumer devices and electric vehicle Charging. The GBS team members are experts in the field of remanufacturing and repurposing lithium-ion batteries.

Founder/Partner – Ellington Capital Management

Ellington Capital Management (ECM) is a financial consulting firm whose purpose is to consult on mergers, acquisitions, buy, sell, and funding of medium to large size companies. ECM brings together willing, able, synergistic, and pertinent parties, (WASP) bridging the gap with funding when needed, thus eliminating the creation of an auction environment.

Founder/Partner – Ellington Capital Management Anguilla 

In line with the priority of the people, the Chief Minister, and the “Anguilla Sustainable Tourism Master Plan” Ellington Capital Management partner’s with the country of Anguilla in developing a better place for all.


Anguilla’s Ambition for Mega yacht Marina May Be Fulfilled

Founder/Partner – Xenergy Petroleum

Xenergy Petroleum is an oil and gas supply firm. It is an independent energy company engaging in the acquisition, exploration and development of crude oil and gas assets. It is an emerging Michigan oil and gas exploration and production company, focused on West Michigan’s Deep basin formations.

Founding/Partner – Procreate

Ellington was a founding member of Procreate, a bio-life science company that was a partnering company with Conceivex, a reproductive company. Procreate/Conceivex received the prestigious Business Review innovation of the year award. He approached and submitted the application for funding through the Grand Angels, in which Conceivex received funding to help launch its worldwide marketing program.

Channel Partner – COMLINK  

Dependable, high-speed data transport access has become a vital component in today’s technology-driven business environment. COMLINK’s extensive coverage areas around the state and country can provide you with the capability to support the bandwidth intensive applications your organization needs to thrive in today’s competitive market. As a “facility based” telecom company we can provide businesses with point-to-point and multi-point to multi-point connections over our fiber optic network and Metro Rings.

Co- Founder/Partner – Clearvision Films 

Ellington is a founding member and investment partner of Clear Vision Legend Series (CVLS), Ellington has joined with these award winning filmmakers to produce a series of important, dynamic documentaries, beginning with the legendary Emmy-Award winning actress, model and philanthropist, Cicely Tyson

 Co-Founder – Grand Rapids Game Design

Ellington is a founding member and investment partner of Grand Rapids Game Design, Ellington has joined with these award winning game designers and developers to design and produce original digital game IP.

Co-Founder/Partner – Norseman Games

Norseman Game runs the first and longest established classic graphical massively-multiplayer (MMORPG) fantasy adventure game. The Realm is the ideal place for role playing adventures, quests, and online chat rooms. “The Realm Online” is an exciting, adventurous land of monsters, magic, and medieval society. Enter a world of companionship where thousands of players from around the globe are waiting to welcome you to a very special place.


Norseman Games-The Realm Online | MMORPG

Ellington is an Alumni of Christian Brothers University-Memphis and Butler University-Indianapolis. He enjoys downtown Grand Rapids, the YMCA, and attending Grand Rapids symphony concerts. In addition he also appreciates fine dining at various restaurants in downtown Grand Rapids. He loves tennis, golf, running, biking and traveling. He lives in downtown Grand Rapids with his daughter, Abigail and goldfish, Burrito.